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North Carolina


Board of Directors

Laura Buchinski

John Roberts

Diane Ammons

Margaret Fennell

Meghan Quick

Joan Shaw

Margaret Olney

Crystal Hall

Henry Moses

Margaret Fennell

Deidra Hadley

Julia Burns

Peggy Manning

Lydia "Lib" Huston

Becoming a Board Member

Serving on the board can be quite rewarding, after all this is where the changes, improve- ments and the maintenance  of our local programs begin.  Our goal is to serve the bowlers of our area by distributing awards (local and national), the handing of local tournaments  Youth City Championship, Mixed Doubles,  Open Championship, Women's City Championship and the Memorial Tournament),  the host-ing of the Annual Shindig, An-nual Awards Ball and the Youth Party/Tournament.  We also lend support to others in the com-munity through the Helping Hands, BVL  and VA Bingo.  And these are just a few  of the many programs offered to the bowlers of the Fayetteville USBC Asso-ciation.
Yes, the hours can sometimes prove long, however the pride and joy of serving the bowlers of Fayetteville is well worth the time put in. If you are interested in becoming a board member, you can either contact  President Laura Buchinski at 423-4822
or submit a nomination form for our January elections.

Serving on a Committee

Serving on a committee can be just as fullfilling, however you choose the projects you are most interested in.  We are always open to new ideas and are in need of dedicated members wishing to serve on one of our many committees.  The work is rewarding and will fill you with pride, as your ideas come to light. 
May be your interest lies  in learning to manage
tournaments, or perhaps coach our youth to greater abilities, may be you possess art skills where your de-sign can be used for our local award programs, or may be you find yourself intersted in helping our local military veterans, we strongly encourage you to vo-lunteer.
If you are interested in becoming a committee member you can contact President Laura Buch-inski at 423-4822. Get involved in your
bowling community and volunteer!


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